About TikTake

Who we are and why we do?!


In 2020, two usability experts were sent out to find out what people really need in the constantly changing times of the internet. They found out that TikTok is the trending social network and that many people would like to download the videos and use them for various reasons. Unfortunately, the official way only offers downloads with a watermark, so you cannot use them for all purposes.

The idea of TikTake was born at the end of 2021. We combined years of experience in video editing and creation, software as a service websites and a team of professionals to develop a simple platform that meets all the needs of our target audience.

We’ve made a lot of user research and collected a lot of data to make our service available in the countries that are interested the most. In doing so, we are helping user experience designers, information architects and usability researchers, in 106 countries, and from some of the biggest organizations around the world, design ways to make the world a little easier to share and enjoy. Our tools continue to grow worldwide with users able to download and use the videos in over 80 different languages.



TikTok Video Downloader Media Ltd.

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Email: support@tiktake.org
Phone: +852 2788 8878